Does your project require packaging?

Secondary to your amazing creation, packaging and presentation is an important thing to consider. Let’s make something clever and appealing that protects its contents while behaving in a friendly and environmentally thoughtful way.

PACKAGING  Hero props
While background props are generally nondescript in design and not meant to attract attention, hero props get screen time to help along a story point or connect an idea with a character. These props reflect script points, mood, tone and character and get in-depth design consideration. I designed these props for The X-Files, Frequency and Life Sentence.

PACKAGING  Background props and dressing
Making product props is loads of fun! Sometimes you get a legally cleared name to work into a logo and look, but most of the time you are trying to make product descriptions like “skin moisturizer” read like an authentic brand. For these props I create quick and dirty logos and copy and use stock images. This collection of background props were not featured on the shows, Frequency and The Trustee.